Credit: Tyler Golden/Oxygen Media

Nellie Veitenheimer and Michael Weisman were the best of friends on The Glee Project this year, and that doesn’t appear to have changed now that filming for the show is over.

They make video blogs together, they chat on Twitter, and — come to think of it, if Oxygen ever wanted to give these two and pal Blake Jenner and a spin-off show, you certainly wouldn’t hear us complain.

On July 20, Nellie got the chance to fly with the United States Air Force Thunderbirds, combat planes that tour the nation performing action-packed shows. She tweeted plenty of photos and updates throughout the day, but it was her Twitter interactions with Michael that may have been one of our favorite parts.

Credit: Tyler Golden/Oxygen Media

Nellie tweeted a photo, “ Getting fitted in my G-suit!!!”. Michael quickly re-tweeted the picture, and added, “i have never been more jealous. #ahhhhhrgggggg!!” Soon after, Nellie posted another photo of “My pilot, Michael, and I” 

“obviously thats the wrong michael...” he tweeted back. “#imapilot

Micheal’s a pilot? Perfect. In that case, he should just take the other guys’ place. We can see it now: Michael. Nellie. An air force fighter jet. Thousands of feet up in the air. Performing death-defying feats of skill? Sounds like a plan to us.

When Nellie and her real pilot took to the skies that afternoon, the former Glee Project contender got to experience a number of tricky maneuvers that would make even the most intense of roller coasters feel like a ride in the kid’s section of the amusement park. 

Credit: Tyler Golden/Oxygen Media

For example, her pilot did barrel rolls — a move where the entire plane spins all the way around. That’s right: Nellie has now flown upside down. 

After returning to earth that afternoon, Nellie tweeted an update for her fans. “Wow wow wow. That waof something I'll never ever forget. Experience of a lifetime.”

She wrote, “In summation, today is the most badass I've ever felt in my entire life.” Not that adjusting to life back underneath the clouds went completely without a hitch. She also added, “Still getting my land legs back haha”

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