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On Tuesday, April 11, right after Glee’s return to all-new episodes, BIO Channel will be running a brand new special entitled Glee: Don’t Stop Believing. And if these sneak peeks are an indication – we’re definitely going to be checking this out!

Earlier we reported that the special would feature details on the original casting of your fave show – and these clips already dish some fun little goodies!

For example, say, Darren Criss (Blaine) originally auditioning for Finn! Good thing producers remembered him later on when casting that hunky Warbler, eh? Can you even imagine Darren in the role of the once-super-jocky Finn? Need we remind you, that role reversal would currently have seen Chris Colfer (Kurt) and Darren Criss side-by-side appearing as step-brothers these days!! Not to mention how different that would make the Klaine dynamic…

Credit: The Hollywood Reporter Photo: Clip of Darren Criss in "Glee: Don't Stop Believing" – Which Character Did He Originally Audition For? (VIDEO)

Chris Colfer also spills on his audition, which was originally for the role of Artie. After producers decided he didn’t quite fit the bill, he was brought in for the role of an exchange student… from India! Whaaaat. Turns out, Glee was just desperate to get Chris – in ANY capacity! The result? Our dear pal Kurt Hummel, designed specifically for the wonderful actor who brings him to life each week.

Credit: The Hollywood Reporter Photo: Clip of Chris Colfer in "Glee: Don't Stop Believing" – Kurt Hummel Was Designed Specifically for Him to Play (VIDEO)

Are we right are we right? This special is gonna be a must-watch!

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