Credit: © NBC Universal, Inc. Photo: Nick Jonas with Megan Hilty's Ivy on Smash Season 1, Episode 4: "The Cost of Art"

Actor/singer Nick Jonas, 19, does have a history of liking older women — he's fresh out of a relationship with 27-year-old Delta Goodrem — so it's not out of the question that he would get cozy with his sexy 31-year-old Smash co-star, Megan Hilty.

Megan plays Broadway actress Ivy on the NBC show and Nick recently guest starred as her romantic interest.

The actors were spotted having dinner together in New York last month, but Nick said there's nothing going on. “We are just friends," Nick told E! Online (via IMDb). And I'm enjoying being a single man here in New York, because my work is my priority these days."

"Single man"! "My work"! He sounds so grown up. Maybe that’s what happens when you’ve been a pro in the biz since you were a little kid. Nick has also dated girls closer to his own age, including Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez, but maybe these older women are bringing out the "man" in him.

Source: IMDb

Credit: Photo: First Look at Nick Jonas on Smash! Pop Star Guest Stars on Season 1, Episode 4: "The Cost of Art" (VIDEO)