It was time to say goodbye to Mark Salling (Puck)'s signature mohawk — and what better way to celebrate than by sharing a shirtless pic with his 900,000 followers?

We'd barely recovered from the sight of Puck in his underoos in Season 3, Episode 19: “Prom-asaurus,” when Mark decided to switch the game up on us by tweeting out a post-haircut pic. "That's a wrap on the ol mohawk," he tweeted, "didnt consider tanlines. Uh oh." Uh oh is right, Mark! We're guessing your legions of fans are going to be pretty bummed to see TV's number-one mohawk go by the wayside, even before we consider the serious mohawk tanline on your scalp.

That said, if it means we get more in-the-buff Mark Salling pics, we're willing to strike that compromise. Sound off in the comments: What do you think of Mark's new buzz cut?

Source: Twitter