Credit: Lea Michele on Twitter Photo: Cory Monteith Peeks Out From Behind a Door While Filming Glee on September 28, 2011

Stop what you’re doing right now, Gleeks, because it looks like not one, but TWO of McKinley’s own will be getting rid of their V Cards in Season 3, Episode 5, aptly titled, “The First Time.”

Who ever will it be? Do the math. According to Glee insiders, the November 8 episode (whaat? Only TWO new episodes in October??), “Rachel and Kurt — and their respective relationships with Finn and Blaine — [will be] front and center. In a big, big way.”

It’s about time!*

* (editor’s note — there’s no clock and no score-sheet! Take your time, readers, and wait until you’re comfortable and psychologically ready.)

Source: MJ’s Big Blog

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