Credit: Danielle Levitt/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Heather Morris as Brittany S. Pearce in Glee Season 3

Heather Morris plays our favorite lovable ditz Brittany on Glee, but she was recently the subject of a not-so-squeaky-clean photo shoot by Tyler Shields (AKA, the “artist” responsible for those blood-soaked Lindsay Lohan vampire snaps.)

The photographs of Heather range from whimsical to appreciative, focusing often on her dance technique, but one series depicts her as a housewife with what doctor’s call a periorbital ecchymosis.  A black eye!  “Ecchy!” indeed!   

In these shots, Heather is all (deranged) smiles in a polka dotted 50s-style frock and Louboutins, and posed wielding an iron as a weapon. The bruise painted around her left peeper set off the Twitterverse and Tyler took some serious heat for "glorifying domestic abuse," even fending off death threats.

In response, the photographer has issued an apology and agreed to auction off three of the photos with proceeds benefiting Glamour Magazine's "Tell Someone" Campaign. "So if you are anti-domestic abuse spread the word about it. Threatening to kill me is not going to help anything," Tyler says. Or as the Latin teacher at McKinley High might say - Mea maxima culpa!

It’s the least he can do after that misconceived shoot... (And major props to Heather, a professional who doesn’t deserve to be dragged into controversy.)

Source: Daily Mail

Credit: YouTube Photo: Hot Vid! Heather Morris: Dancing Queen in Tyler Shields Video Shoot