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Not going to lie: The first time we heard about the concept behind Pitch Perfect, it sounded like a total Glee copycat.

We saw a few minor changes. Take the cute, underdog choir students out of high school and put them in a wacky college environment. Make it an acapella group instead of show choir. And then cast that one ditzy girl from Twilight in Lea Michele’s role. Basically, we were determined not to be impressed.

Then we actually bother to watch the trailer for Pitch Perfect. And we fell madly in love!

Snarky, quirky, and downright hilarious: this trailer hits all the right notes. Anna Kendrick as Beca turns out to be the anti-Rachel Berry. She wears goth makeup, scowls in the face of peppy choral kids, and genuinely seems to not give a s*** — but then actually ends up having a killer singing voice.

Sidenote: Why is every great-yet-unsuspecting vocal talent always discovered in one of those cheese shower scenes? Scratch that. Probably because it gives us the chance to see people naked. Or almost naked.

Credit: PlayTrailers on YouTube Photo: Movie Trailer: Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and Brittany Snow Try to Out-Glee Glee in "Pitch Perfect" (VIDEO)

Pitch Perfect also stars Brittany Snow, Bridesmaids’ Rebel Wilson, The Hunger GamesElizabeth Banks, and that one blond preacher’s wife who slept with Jason on True Blood.

You’ve seen the trailer, now we want to know what you think. Will you be heading to theaters when this new musical comedy when it hits the big screen later this year?

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