Credit: Mike Yarish/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Kurt Auditions for West Side Story in Glee Season 3, Episode 2: “I Am Unicorn”

Naming the best song from this week’s Season 3, Episode 2: “I Am Unicorn” is kinda like naming your favorite food group: They’re all good when you’re hungry! We’ll try anyway! Like Kurt in this ep, we will not be defeated! (Although, unfortunately, in this case, he was.) Here are our picks for best and the coulda-done-without. After all, not every Glee cover can be a bestseller on iTunes!

Best Performance of the Night: “Somewhere” by Rachel and Shelby

The song that was just barely stronger than Blaine’s “Something Coming” was this powerful duet that fit perfectly in both of their vocal ranges. If those harmonies didn’t give you the chills, then you’re wearing too many layers, honey. Basically, this emotional song was the perfect way to bring estranged mom and daughter back together — culminating in that adorable hand-hold. (And here we thought that the most memorable thing to do at a family reunion was play Lord of the Rings Risk.)

Credit: YouTube Photo: Glee Sneak Peek! Lea Michele and Idina Menzel Perform "Somewhere" in Season 3, Episode 2: "I Am Unicorn"

Worst Performance of the Night: “I’m the Greatest Star” by Kurt

Sadly — because we so love him and he kinda needs a break about now — Kurt’s number just didn’t wow us (acrobatics aside), perhaps because it didn’t pack that emotional wallop. Meanwhile, there’s something about Blaine’s voice and stage presence that commands our attention, and it’s pretty clear the school musical judges felt the same way. Ouch.

Glee - I'm the Greatest Star from Leadro22 on Vimeo.

Credit: Vimeo Photo: Kurt (Chris Colfer) Performs "I'm the Greatest Star" in Glee Season 3, Episode 2: "I Am Unicorn"

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