We love, love, love Uncle Jesse on Glee. His smile is killer, his quips are witty, and his looks? We swoon. His character, Dr. Carl, is even helping Emma learn to let her hair down a bit.
Credit: Adam Rose/FOX © 2010 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Carl and Will in Episode 2.2, "Britney/Brittany"
Carl and Emma do make a super cute couple, we’ll give them that. They even have a great mash-up name: Carma! But what about Mr. Schue? Now that Terri is out of the picture, Wemma should be in full force... but they aren’t. We want to know how you feel about the situation. Are you rooting (pardon the pun) for the super hot dentist? Or are you a traditionalist who believes in Wemma forever?