Credit: Adam Rose/FOX © 2010 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Puck and Quinn in Episode 2.1, "Audition"
Last week: 8 (Brittany); N/A (Mike)
Here’s why: They both blew our minds with those dance moves to “Valerie”! Plus, they both managed to mend things with their significant others (Artie and Tina, respectively). But only one of these people thought that a comb possessed magical powers.

Last week: N/A
Here’s why: We loved Puck this week! We admired his (ill-conceived) effort to recruit football members for glee club, and it was nice to see him supporting Rachel. Sure, we weren’t thrilled to see him actually hooking up with Rachel, but he at least stopped it soon enough. And expecting Puck not to hook up with a ton of people is like expecting an eagle not to soar, or expecting Limp Bizkit to write good music.
Credit: Justin Lubin/FOX © 2010 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Kurt Auditions for a Solo in Season 2, Episode 9: "Special Education"
Ranking: 5
Last week: 3
Here’s why: We loved his “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” solo, but the Warblers didn’t. However, we think that even Madonna (who played Eva Perron in the film) would have been proud. And it takes a lot to make Madonna proud.

Last week: N/A
Here’s why: It was great to see his confidence in Brittany’s fidelity, despite what Tina was telling him. And we loved the magic comb thing. We were even curious what he would decide to make magic, once she lost the comb. Like, “Why don’t you try this magic, half-empty tin of Altoids?”

Last week: N/A
Here’s why: We don’t know what it is about this bird, but the Warblers are completely enamored with him! This bird molts and suddenly people are paying as much attention to it as they would to a new James Cameron movie.
Credit: Justin Lubin/FOX © 2010 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Santana Sings on Stage With New Directions at Sectionals in Season 2, Episode 9: "Special Education"

Last week: 9
Here’s why: We’re curious to see where his love life goes in the post-Rachel era. Finn seems to be rather distraught about it all. Of course, Ryan Reynolds was apparently devastated when he and then-fiancee Alanis Morissette broke up... until he met Scarlett Johansson. (Speaking of which, when is Glee doing “Alanis night”? Okay, maybe that’s not such a great idea.)

Last week: N/A
Here’s why: Those of you who resent that Sue isn’t quite the pure force of evil that she once was can take solace in our friend Santana. This girl’s just a biatch! It didn’t really serve any purpose for her to blab about her night with Finn, but sometimes being mean is just plain fun.

Credit: Adam Rose/FOX © 2010 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Carl and Will in Episode 2.2, "Britney/Brittany"
Ranking: 9
Last week: N/A
Here’s why: Go, Lauren! Between sneezing on Schue (gross!) a few weeks back, and now joining glee this week, she’s really messing with our gang (which is bound to make Lauren very happy!). But that all pales to the fact that she got the chance to rock Puck’s world! Then again, the group consisting of people who have hooked up with Puck isn’t exactly as exclusive as, say, the Navy Seals.

Last week: N/A
Here’s why: What is there really to say about Emma this week? She totally shocked us by getting married to Carl in Vegas. But can you blame her? He’s the hottest dentist in the world!
Who's ruling the school, and who's hitting sour notes? We rank the major players of Glee based on their performance in Episode 2.9. Who’s coming out on top? Let the countdown begin!
Credit: Justin Lubin/FOX © 2010 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Rachel and Kurt Chat Before Their Sectionals Performances in Season 2, Episode 9:
Last week’s ranking: 2
Here’s why: Rachel had high and low notes this week. It was great to see her patch things up with Kurt and support him as he chose a solo, and it was nice that she gave her solo to Tina and Mercedes. But we were shocked to see her hook up with Puck! Then again, we have a feeling Puck could even make nuns fall for him.

Ranking: 10
Two weeks ago: 1
Here’s why: Is it possible for Emma to make a suggestion that Will doesn’t immediately institute, often changing his life around dramatically in the process? For example, Emma’s idea of trying new soloists this week didn’t exactly go off without a hitch, but Will stuck with it anyway. His stubbornness reminded us of how CBS executives refuse to take Rules of Engagement off the air.