Credit: Fox © Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Shelby and Puck: Shuck? Pelby?

Puck (Mark Salling) staring lovingly up at a post-romp glow-soaked Shelby (Idina Menzel)? Betchya didn’t expect that from this week’s “I Kissed a Girl” episode. (Oh, but we did!)

The kiss in “Pot O’ Gold” just a few episodes ago received mixed reactions, but knowing the Troubletones coach and the McKinley High senior with the unfortunate hairstyle actually DID IT puts them in a whole different boat than the rest of the Glee ‘ships — heck, they’re in a whole different body of water!

We must admit, though. While part of us is creeped out, the other part of us can’t help but be impressed by Puck’s seemingly sincere attempt to make this... dysfunctional family work. Which way are YOU leaning, Gleeks?

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