The bitch is back! Not only did Quinn (Dianna Agron) make her first appearance of the season in last night’s “Thanksgiving” episode, but we got to see a little bit of the old Quinn. Bitchy, confident, and telling it like it a boss.

What were her best moments in the episode? Well, we could cop out and say, “Uh, all of them. Duh.” But here are five highlights:

5. “Home”coming

We squealed when Quinn walked onto that stage. It’s been so long! Although the “Home”/”Homeward Bound” mashup was a team effort, our favorite thing about it was the simple fact that Quinn was back in the McKinley auditorium.

Credit: Glee on Fox on YouTube Photo: Watch: Quinn, Puck, Santana and The Grads Sing a "Homeward Bound"/"Home" Mashup in Glee Season 4, Episode 8: "Thanksgiving" (VIDEO)

4. Quinn the (Terrible) Mentor

Okay, so Kitty (Becca Tobin) is awful, but setting aside our feelings about her mentee, Q gave some great advice on manipulating the judges (and her little “wink” was freaking adorable). Still, it seems her character-judging skills haven’t improved at Yale. How can she not see Kitty for what she is the way Santana (Naya Rivera) did?

3. Telling off the Puckermans

She may be wrong about Jake (Jacob Artist), but Quinn was IN CHARGE. Puck (Mark Salling) is obviously unfazed at this point by “Loopy Quinn,” with her furrowed brow and pursed lips, but that bitchface totally reminded us of the queen bee who used to rule the school.

2. The Unholy Trinity is Back

We can’t even begin to say how much we missed Quinn singing Motown hits flanked by Santana and Brittany (Heather Morris). Their rendition of “Come See About Me” made us all nostalgic for season 1.

Credit: Glee on Fox on YouTube Photo: Watch: Quinn, Santana and Brittany Sing "Come See About Me" in Glee Season 4, Episode 8: "Thanksgiving" (VIDEO)


Credit: Twitter

“Quinn always was a genius slapper.”  Damn straight she was, Santana! We fully expected Santana to be quicker on the draw in the Quinntana slap-off, but Quinn was in top form last night.

What were your favorite Fabray forays last night?

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