It’s been six full episodes since their dramatic breakup, but it now appears that Rachel (Lea Michele) and Finn (Cory Monteith) might be getting back together.

On January 23, Glee creator Ryan Murphy tweeted this photo of of the ex-lovebirds sharing a tender moment in a hallway alone. Based on the suit and boutonniere Finn is wearing, we’d say this scene is definitely part of Glee’s Valentine’s Day wedding in Season 4, Episode 14: “I Do.”

Ryan’s photo caption is very promising for Finchel fans. “Reunited and it feels so good,” he wrote.

We’ve already seen a photo of Finn and Rachel taking a break from what appears to be a steamy hookup scene. And now this? We can’t be the only ones hoping this means Finchel is getting back together for good.

One more thing of note: See the big, brilliant bouquet in Rachel’s hand? Maybe she’s a bridesmaid and that’s just a bridesmaid’s bouquet. But what if it’s the wedding bouquet instead? We have a sneaking suspicion that Rachel might be the one who catches it!

If so, might there be another wedding in our future? Because we have a pretty good idea who we think her groom should be!

Source: Ryan Murphy on Twitter