Lea Michele just wrapped up filming Glee's ahhh-mazing fourth season (spoiler alert: the show has been renewed for Seasons 5 and 6!), and her last days on set revolved around none other than Rachel Berry's Broadway audition for the starring role in Funny Girl.

"That's a wrap on Glee season 4! It's been such an amazing year!" Lea tweeted on April 19, before posting some spoilerific photos of Rachel's Funny Girl callback — including a picture of her performance and a snapshot of the Funny Girl sign up sheet!

There's no denying that Rachel nailed her first audition ("Don't Stop Believing" = us sobbing hysterically), and from the triumphant look on her face during round two it looks like she's a shoo-in. Then again, Glee's creator, Ryan Murphy, insists that there will be plenty of cliffhangers during the Season 4 finale: “All or Nothing,” and we have a sneaky feeling that Gleeks will have to wait to find out if Rachel gets cast in Funny Girl.

Why, Ryan, WHY.

Um, also, if Rachel doesn't get cast, we will be protesting Broadway. Even though Glee is fictional. That's how strongly we feel about girlfriend being perfect for this role.

Do you think we'll find out if Rachel lands Funny Girl during Glee's finale, or will we have to wait until next year?

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