Credit: Tyler Golden/Oxygen Media

It’s no secret that Ryan Murphy and The Glee Project mentors loved contender Blake Jenner this season. Blake can sing, he’s probably the best actor of the group, and he’d fit into the part of a friendly, popular jock at McKinley High School near flawlessly.

Yet compared to the other final 2 contenders, Blake’s potential Glee character just felt a little flat. Sure, he could play the athletic guy everybody loves, but is there really a whole lot more to him then that?

For his final last chance performance, Blake knew that he really had to do something to set himself apart. So the 19-year-old Miami native tapped into his emotional side, and brought many in the audience to tears with a poem he’d written the night before. The full text of Blake’s poem appears below:

I am the guy who will persist in his path
I am the guy who will make you laugh
I am the guy who strives to be open
I am the guy who’s been heartbroken
I am the guy who’s been on his own
I am the guy who’s felt alone
I am the guy the guy who holds your hand
I am the guy who will stand up and be a man
I am the guy who tries to make things better
I am the guy who’s the whitest half-Cuban, ever
I am the guy who’s lost more than he’s won
I am the guy who’s turned, but never spun
I am the guy you couldn’t see
I am that guy, and that guy’s me.

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