If you’re like us, seeing Rebel Wilson in Pitch Perfect made you realize that she would be a “perfect” fit for Glee. As it turns out, we’re not the only ones who thought so.

Rebel reveals to Australia’s Herald Sun that she actually auditioned for Glee when the show was first starting out. ''That was one of my first auditions in the U.S.,'' she says. ''But they didn't choose me.''

Since then, of course, Rebel’s career has exploded, thanks in part to her hilarious role as Kristen Wiig’s roommate in Bridesmaids. And now Glee’s producers have realized the error of their ways, but it might be too late.

''They offered me a guest spot, but I was just too busy,'' Rebel says.

Credit: via IMDB.com

However, in a funny twist, she ended up getting a chance to star onscreen with one of Glee’s talented cast members after all. Rebel can be seen in Chris Colfer’s (Kurtnew film Struck by Lightning, which will be available on-demand next month and in theaters this January

We must say, no one makes getting hit by a burrito seem funnier than she does.

Source: Herald Sun

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