Credit: Justin Lubin/FOX © 2010 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Mr. Schuester Looks Worried at Sectionals in Season 2, Episode 9: "Special Education"
At Sectionals, we see the elderly, cane-wielding Hipsters; the Train-performing Warblers; and then New Directions, with a Sam-and-Quinn duet and a solo from Santana. And who wins Sectionals? Uh... it’s a tie, between the Warblers and New Directions. A tie?! Way to be indecisive, Glee! That’s like when you ask your parents what they want for Christmas, and they say that love from their child is enough of a present. And you’re like, “Freaking pick something already!”

It’s when Schue gets back to school that Emma informs him that she and Carl got hitched over the weekend. It looks like we’re not the only ones who are susceptible to Stamos’ charms! And it’s Finn and Rachel who have packed their bags for Splitsville, once Rachel confesses that she hooked up with Puck. So the Mohawk Man may have spent a day in a portable bathroom, but even that is not enough for the ladies to lose interest in him.

So this was certainly a tumultuous episode. We’re just relieved that our new fave couple, Artie and Brittany, is still intact! How cute were those two? Now if you don’t mind, we’ve got a hankering for a McRib. We’re not made of stone, you know.
Credit: Justin Lubin/FOX © 2010 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Darren Criss Guest Stars as Blaine in Season 2, Episode 9: "Special Education"
Glee club is down a member, now that Kurt is over at Dalton and being subjected to some hazing. Kurt has to care for a bird that is not exactly resilient; let’s just say it’s no Woody the Woodpecker. (But what bird is as feisty as Woody? In fact, come to think of it, that guy was sort of an a-hole.)

Puck is sent out to recruit for the club, but he finds that the football team doesn’t seem to be made up of any budding athletes-turned-recording stars. (In other words, there aren’t any Shaqs.) Instead, Puck gets locked in the Porta-Potty for his troubles, only to be finally set free by Lauren. Ta-da! We have our new member of glee (although Lauren is about as dedicated to music as Ringo Starr was). And let’s hope that Puck had access to plenty of hand sanitizer.

It’s finally the day of Sectionals, but the bickering glee kids seem about as excited to perform as we would be to have to play in a chess tournament. (Or to even watch a chess tournament. Or do anything remotely related to chess.) Kurt, too, is struggling at Dalton, having had his solo bid rejected, despite a stellar rendition of “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” (which was spliced together with Rachel’s equally impressive version). Kurt is realizing that being a Warbler is not quite worthy of the anticipation, which is kind of how most people feel about the McRib sandwich.
Credit: Justin Lubin/FOX © 2010 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Santana Sings on Stage With New Directions at Sectionals in Season 2, Episode 9: "Special Education"
One wedding and one break-up! This week’s episode, “Special Education,” was certainly surprising, but did Glee really need another couple getting hitched, this soon after last week’s episode? Suddenly, there are more people popping the question on this show than in a Jane Austen novel, or at least more than on the Jumbotron at a typical sporting event.

After a few absences, Emma was quite the pivotal player this week. (Sorry, Sue fans! Our angry friend was nowhere to be found tonight.) Emma tells Will to mix things up during the performances at Sectionals, which the kids don’t handle well. This leads to Santana blabbing to Rachel that she took Finn’s virginity. Show of hands: Who thought Santana was going to be the bigger person and keep that secret to herself to spare Rachel’s feelings? We didn’t think so either.