Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

If you can’t get enough Lea Michele (Rachel) on Glee and frankly, who can? then you can soon watch the next best thing on another Ryan Murphy show. Say hello to... Clea?

Ryan’s other hilarious show, The New Normal, has a main character named Bryan, who is loosely based on Ryan. (Ryan/Bryan? Get it?) On the show, Bryan is the head honcho of a musical comedy show called Sing!, which is based in Ohio and has a star named Clea. Hmm sounds a tad familiar, dontcha think?

We think it’s great that Ryan is able to poke some fun at his own life. Clea has yet to appear on The New Normal, but producers are in the process of filling the role with you guessed it a Lea Michele lookalike! Then again, not many people out there are as gorgeous as Lea, so we wish the producers luck.

So what does Lea think of a character based on her? Ryan says that she loves it! Kudos to Lea for being such a good sport.

Of course, what would really make us happy would be to see Lea popping up on The New Normal, thus blowing our minds with the whole meta thing. Make it happen, Ryan (or Bryan)!

Sources: The Hollywood ReporterVulture

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