Gleeks of the world, prepare to scream with glee. Our beloved Kristin Chenoweth (April) might be getting her own series — and it might be a spin-off from Glee!

Ryan Murphy said he loves working with Cheno and wants to give her an even bigger chance to shine. "I've always wanted to do something for Kristin… so I'm writing a half-hour musical comedy specifically for Kristin because if you can sing like that, I want her to be the star of her own show where she sings. I can't say too much about it yet. Kristin is so funny. I want it to be adult."

Okay, you can stop squealing now. Of course none of this is happening immediately — and it probably won't since Murphy has another 3 years of Glee to write plus his big-time movie career. But maybe, just maybe, Kristin and Ryan will team up. We always wanted to know what else happened at that roller rink.

Source: Perez Hilton