Wondering where Jacob Ben Israel (Josh Sussman) disappeared to during most of Glee's second season? Look no further than the “Britney/Brittany” episode for the reason why, according to the actor.

“People found that episode very offensive [so] I guess they wanted to give the audience a break from me,” Sussman told TVLine. For those who may have blocked it out, he was shown, um, getting a little too hot and bothered during New Directions' performance of “Toxic.”

Lucky for him, that wasn’t the end of JBI’s antics, returning 15 episodes later as a part of Sue’s (Jane Lynch) band of bullies. “It was such a relief, like, ‘OK, they’re giving me another chance.’”

Now that he’s returned to McKinley, what does Season 3 hold for Jacob? Sussman said, “I’d love to serenade Rachel.” Don’t press your luck.

Source: TVLine

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