Credit: Samuel Larsen on Instagram Photo: Samuel Larsen and Kevin McHale on the Glee Set on January 25, 2012

We haven’t been getting nearly enough updates about Glee Project winner Samuel Larsen and his time on the Glee set.

Sam’s been filming since last week, but after a flurry of initial photos and cute pics, the Twitter buzz has become disappointingly silent. Other than last night's big reveal of his character's name, we still don't know much about Sam's role on Glee, at all. Why is everything being treated as such a closely-guarded secret?

Even this photo of Sam with Kevin McHale (Artie) barely give any clues. We know that Joe Hart will still have Sam's signature dreadlocks. And he even gets an edgy nose ring. But other than that? We’ve got nothing.

In any case, Sam and Kevin both look incredibly dangerous in their photo staredown. Hopefully, we’ll get some more on-set photos coming soon!

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