Credit: Samuel Larsen on Twitter Photo: Samuel Larsen Wears Mickey Mouse Ears With and Girlfriend Scout Compton

His new Glee character, Joe Hart, might be looking for love — but in real life, Samuel Larsen appears to have already has the girl of his dreams!  

Sam and his girlfriend, Scout, recently took a trip to Disneyland. Or almost took a trip to Disneyland. We’re not sure if they actually made it inside the park.

On February 9, Sam tweeted this photo, saying, “The day we went to Disneyland and went everywhere but Disneyland @poutyscouty

Well, he’s wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt. And an awesome pair of Mickey Mouse ears. That’s got to count for something.

Whatever the couple ended up doing, Sam seems totally smitten. On February 7, he wrote, “It is only but a fraction of the joy you give to me @PoutyScouty I love you.”

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