Back before he was famous, before anyone had ever met Blaine on Glee, Darren Criss was already making a name for himself.


In 2009, a college-aged Darren became an overnight YouTube sensation when he starred as Harry in the  parody hit A Very Potter Musical and its 2010 follow-up A Very Potter Sequel. Oh, and did we mention that he wrote most of the music for both shows? That’s no small feat.


Various members of the group, Team StarKid, have now gone on to different things. But in summer 2012, they all got back together to perform a brand new installment in their smash-hit series. The Very Potter trilogy is now complete.

Credit: Video Still

Due to various time commitments, the cast was not able to put on a full show, just a reading of the script. But they’re all back. And Darren is Harry. And all is right with the world. (Oh, and yes. That is Evanna Lynch, the Luna Lovegood from the real Potter movies, playing Luna in this show. Totally awesome, right?)


Dig out your blue headband. Cosy up to Rumbleroar. And pass the Red Vines. It’s time for A Very Potter Senior Year... and this is a show you don’t want to miss!


Credit: StarKidPotter on YouTube Photo: Watch: A Very Potter Senior Year! Darren Criss as Harry Potter