We’re still bitter that Damian McGinty (Rory) probably won’t be showing up on Glee anytime soon. But if that gives him more time to post shirtless pics of himself, we’ll let it slide.

Damian posted a Facebook pic on January 25 of himself standing in the ocean, wearing nothing but rolled-up pants. Or, uh, maybe they’re capris? Whatever they are, Damian has never looked better.

Also in the pic are two of Damian’s mates, including Paul Byrom, a fellow Celtic Thunder alum.

Damian and Paul both performed as part of the “Tranquility Cruise” on an eleven-day cruise from Florida through the Caribbean, and we assume this beachy pic was taken during that adventure.

Upon returning from the cruise on January 18, Damian tweeted:

So while we certainly miss Damian on Glee, it’s great to hear that he’s staying busy and getting a tan while he’s at it.

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