Glee Season 4, Episode 12 is called “Naked.” Now, it’s partly because Rachel (Lea Michele) will be doing a topless scene. But there’s another very good reason for the title. The men of McKinley are stripping down for their first-ever shirtless calendar.

Last week, Glee creator Ryan Murphy tweeted a photo of Ryder (Blake Jenner) as Mr. July. A very shirtless and abs-flaunting Mr. July, of course. Then on December 14, he graced fans with the photo from another page of the drool-worthy calendar.

This time, it’s Darren Criss (Blaine). The ex-Warbler dons a Santa hat, fuzzy red trousers, black boots... and very little else.

Best. Christmas present. Ever.

Source: Ryan Murphy on Twitter

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