Credit: Tyler Golden/Oxygen Media

They might not have been on TV screens lately, but these six former Glee Project stars have definitely been keeping busy. On Saturday, March 23, they are all joining together for “The Concert Project” — one giant show taking place at Jon Lovitz Comedy Club in Universal City.

The fan favorite contenders involved are Nellie VeitenheimerMichael WeismanAylin BayramogluAbraham LimCharlie Lubeck and Lily Mae Harrington.

Nellie and Michael just started a new band, “Far and Away,” and have teased on Twitter that they will be performing a bunch of new music.

Wetpaint Entertainment got the chance to watch a rehearsal for the big show, and we spoke exclusively with both Charlie Lubeck and Lily Mae Harrington for the inside scoop on what’s about to go down.

“I'm going to do a big musical number at the end,” Lily told us. “That's what everybody expects from me because I am the theater girl.”

However, don’t expect her to be all show tunes, all the time. “I'm using this as an opportunity to share some of my original music, and side that people really haven't seen. So people expect to be a musical theater beltress. My originals are not like that at all, so we'll see what happens. I'm really curious to see how people react to it.”

So what sets this new stuff apart? “One song is on the uke — the ukelele. One of them, I'm doing an acoustic version of it, but it's a dub step song,” she says. “My other one is going to be to a track that was produced by one of my best friends from high school, Megan Trainor. It's pretty awesome because now she got a writing and publishing deal out here. Two Cape Cod girls making it big! She helped me with it, and it's a very radio song.”

Credit: Tyler Golden/Oxygen Media

For Charlie’s part, the former NYC resident says he will be going for a combination of songs he’s written and some of his favorite covers — including "The Pieces Don't Fit Anymore" by James Morrison and "Time to Pretend" by MGMT.

Lily says that Nellie and Michael were the first ones to get involved with “The Concert Project,” but that the concert quickly grew to include more of their friends.

“Then Abraham hopped on, then Aylin, then Charlie, and finally when I found out about it, I was like, "I want to do it too!" So it worked out, it's going to be fun.”

The Concert Project takes place Saturday, March 23, at 6p.m. at The Jon Lovitz Club at the Universal Studios City Walk in Los Angeles.