Credit: Lindsay Pearce on Twitter Photo: Lindsay Pearce Watches Her Glee Season 3 Debut on September 20, 2011

Last night, The Glee Project runner-up Lindsay Pearce made her debut during the Glee season 3 premiere — and at least one of her new co-stars was very impressed!

Lea Michele (Rachel) tweeted, “Really loved tonight's episode.. Everyone give it up for the amazing @lindsaypearce! She killed it tonight:)”

The first of Lindsay’s two-episode Glee stint introduced us to Harmony, the cherry-lipped diva who Rachel and Kurt (Chris Colfer) meet at a local mixer for New York Academy of the Dramatic Arts hopefuls.

Just in case we could have possibly forgotten her brilliant vocal talent from back on The Glee Project  — Lindsay blew us away (again) with a Broadway-ready mashup “Anything You Can Do” from 1946’s Annie Get You’re Gun and “Anything Goes” from the 1934 musical of the same name.

The entire performance was so good that she literally made Rachel Berry cry! We know that Lindsay and her tap-dancing Glee character, Harmony, get the Lea Michele seal of approval, but how do you guys feel?

Credit: Caden Michael Gray on Twitter Photo: Lindsay Pearce as Harmony on the Set of Glee Season 3

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