Glee is about to do a Spice Girls song, which means the ladies of the New Directions each get to embody their favorite Spice Girl for the day.

FOX has released photos of Glee‘s upcoming Season 4, Episode 17: “Guilty Pleasures,” and this means that the identities of each of the British pop stars’ McKinley alter egos have now been revealed.

Kitty (Becca Tobin) is Ginger Spice aka Geri Halliwell. If you follow either Becca or Glee creator Ryan Murphy on Twitter, though, you probably knew this already. Both of them tweeted photos of Becca wearing Ginger’s infamous Union Jack mini dress back in late February.

Credit: Adam Rose/FOX ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co.

Marley (Melissa Benoist) has landed the coveted role of Posh Spice — aka Victoria Beckham — aka Mrs. David Beckham (swoon). She’s seen wearing Posh’s dark, smoky eyeliner and a chic sparkly black mini.

Baby Spice — aka Emma Bunton — and her signature pink ponytails belong to none other than Unique (Alex Newell). McKinley’s newest diva wears an all-sparkles, all-pastel outfit. Her two ponytails are, of course, adorned with the most obnoxiously pink and puffy feathers hair ties we’ve ever seen. Because really, would you expect anything less?

Credit: Adam Rose/FOX ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co.

Brittany (Heather Morris) takes on the role of Sporty Spice — aka Melanie Chisholm. Britt’s outfit is by far the least glamorous of them all. Why waste time with glitter and frills when you can simply toss your hair up in a ponytail and throw on a track suit? Simple.

Perhaps our favorite of the five is Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) as Scary Spice — aka Melanie Brown. Tina’s dressed in a pink leopard print bodysuit, complete with cone-shaped cat ears on top of her head. Now that is what we call a costume!

You’ve seen the Spice Girls, now we’re dying to know what you think! We love the choices, though we’ll readily admit that Glee doesn’t seem to have gone with the most obvious choices, at least based on physical appearance alone.

Both Kitty and Marley bear a similar enough resemblance to their Spice alter-egos. But why not have Tina as Sporty, Brittany as Baby, and Unique as Scary Spice? That way, each of the girls would have the same hair color as the Spice they’re taking on.

It’s not the end of the world, though. In fact, it’s kind of fun to mix things up. What do you think of Glee’s Spice Girl tribute band?