The cast of Glee is filming the Britney Spears episode as you read this! And that means set photos and more secrets spilled about what's sure to be one of the best episodes of the early season. So, which Glee star will be singing Britney's iconic hit "...Baby One More Time"? Well, duh!

It's Lea Michele (Rachel). Or at least we think it'll be Lea Michele. Cory Monteith tweeted some set photos of a very fit looking Lea wearing Brit's gym outfit from the "... Baby One More Time" video. The part where she's on the bleachers? Yeah, that one.

No word yet on whether she'll also get in Brit's famous schoolgirl outfit too, but knowing Glee and knowing Rachel, the answer to that will be yes! Doesn't she already wear that same outfit pretty much every day?