Credit: TwitPic Photo: John Stamos and the Cast of Glee

Have you been wondering which Glee character is going to inhabit which Rocky Horror Picture Show icon? Wonder no more! The cast list for the episode has been revealed and it offers everyone a chance to see who's doing what. Mind you, this is a partial list, so if you don't see your fave character, it doesn't mean they're not in the ep.

Rachel is playing Janet (no surprise there)
Finn is playing Brad (ditto)
Mercedes, in a shocker, is playing Frank-N-Furter
Kurt is playing Riff Raff
Quinn is playing Partygoer/Magenta
Tina is playing Partygoer/Columbia
Brittany is playing Columbia
Santana is playing Magenta
Mike is playing Eddie
Dr. Carl (John Stamos) is also playing Eddie
Sam is playing Partygoer
Artie is playing Partygoer/The Commentator/Dr. Scott

What do you think, Gleeks? Does this sound good to you?

Source: ontd