We hope you're sitting down, Gleeks! Major spoilers for what will likely be the fall finale have been revealed and we think you're probably going to want to see this. You know the drill, though: If you want to watch Glee with a sense of childlike wonder, now is the time to click away!

First of all, the rumors are true: Kurt IS transferring to Dalton and he will still be there during an upcoming episode entitled "Sectionals."

As for the tunes from this ep? "Valerie" will be sung by Naya Rivera (Santana); "(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life" will get the Dianna Agron/Chord Overstreet treatment (cute couple alert!); and apparently "Hey, Soul Sister" will be Darren Criss' to perform.

Our excitement at the prospect of a Quinn/Sam romance is definitely tempered by the long-term leave of Kurt. This can't last forever... can it?

Source: Kurt Hummel