Glee’s Cory Monteith (Finn) appears to have been a “lonely boy” over the weekend. Does the fact that he went to a concert by himself suggest that he and girlfriend Lea Michele (Rachel) really are going through a rough patch, as some have speculated?

Cory was at the Staples Center in L.A. on Saturday night, where he rocked out at The Black Keys concert. The bad news? Cory appeared to be by himself, with Lea nowhere in sight. So we couldn’t help but fear that the recent rumors about the couple having problems supposedly due to Cory’s jealousy about Lea’s chemistry with her new on-screen love interest, Dean Geyer (Brody) might be true.

However, we can all breathe a sigh of relief! Not only have Dean and his girlfriend, actress Jillian Murray, simply laughed off those rumors, but the reason Lea wasn’t at the concert was that she was busy filming L’Oreal commercials all weekend in NYC. And it sounds like Lea had some pretty long work days, too, judging by this tweet of hers from Saturday: “Early morning shooting my new @LOrealParisUSA commercial! Going to need lots of coffee today!”

So it appears there’s no need to worry, as Lea and Cory seem to be as happy as ever. And we think it’s kinda cute that Cory went to the concert by himself to see the band, which is known for rockin' hits like “Lonely Boy” and “Tighten Up.” However, he wasn’t exactly alone for long, as he was mobbed by Glee fans outside of the show, as is to be expected. 

Lea was on the Glee set in L.A. yesterday, so the two lovebirds are finally back in the same zip code. Let’s hope they’ll have plenty of time to see concerts together before Lea has to jet to the East Coast again.

Source: Perez Hilton

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