Did this week’s Glee just change everything, and is Sue (Jane Lynch) suddenly going to be — *shudder* — friendly? That seems to be the case at the end of tonight’s episode, “Funeral.” Come to think of it, if you had told us last week that Sue would soon become nice, we would’ve recommended you seek professional help.

The big “who’s gonna die” mystery is answered right away, with Sue revealing to Schue (Matthew Morrison) that her sister Jean just passed away. In her typical twisted fashion, Sue deals with pain by causing other people pain: She kicks Becky (Lauren Potter) off of the Cheerios and tells a well-intentioned Schue to leave her alone.

Credit: Beth Dubber/FOX Photo: Sue, Terri and Howard Scheme in Season 2, Episode 21: "Funeral"

Meanwhile, Schue has hired Jesse (Jonathan Groff) as a glee club consultant to help New Directions prepare for Nationals. Schue hopes that the combination of glee’s talent and Jesse’s Vocal Adrenaline expertise will be a total win, like eating surf-and-turf; instead, it’s disastrous, more along the lines of a Pizza Hut-Taco Bell.

Jesse encourages Schue to hold auditions to determine which glee clubber will get the solo at Nationals, but it causes the kids to turn on each other. Plus, Jesse is kind of a jerk to everyone who tries out — everyone, that is, except for his beloved Rachel (Lea Michele), who does kill it with “My Man” from Funny Girl.

Credit: Beth Dubber/FOX Photo: Rachel Belts out a Solo in Season 2, Episode 21: "Funeral"

Finn (Cory Monteith) and Kurt (Chris Colfer) help a despondent Sue organize Jean’s belongings and plan a badass, Willy Wonka-themed funeral (uh, how come we never get to go to any badass funerals?). Sue gets choked up partway through her heartfelt speech, so Schue delivers it for her. And we’re like, “Sue is capable of deep emotion? Who knew?”

But things get pretty crazy after that. First, Finn dumps Quinn (Dianna Agron) for being too, well… Quinn-like. And then Finn goes to make his move on Rachel, only to see Rachel smooching Jesse onstage — pretty much because Rachel thinks she’s getting the solo. Instead, Schue nixes the solo competish altogether, deciding that the group will perform original songs together. How sweet — and anticlimactic.

Credit: Beth Dubber/FOX Photo: Kurt Enjoys a Moment in the Spotlight in Season 2, Episode 21: "Funeral"

Sue appoints Becky as head Cheerio and then tells Will she’s running for public office to improve health care. She also claims that she’ll no longer antagonize the glee club. Right, Sue — and we’re going to stop eating Pop-Tarts straight out of the box. (Still, we want to believe her!)

Schue then sees Terri (Jessalyn Gilsig), who has not only fixed glee club’s airplane woes (before her change-of-heart, Sue rerouted their NYC flight to Libya — whoops!), but also seems like she’s still got a bad case of Will fever. (Then again, can any of us claim to be impervious to Mr. Schue’s charms? We think not.) Emma (Jayma Mays) also has a touching goodbye with Will, except for the fact that she’s wearing Schue’s vest. A note to Emma: If you’re trying to seem well-adjusted, you might want to avoid dressing up in the guy’s castoffs.

So this episode’s goal is to set up what’s sure to be an epic finale next week, but it has some memorable moments of its own — not to mention a ton of great Jesse quotes! Granted, Jean’s death might not have been the most shocking passing ever — especially since she’d had a maximum of, oh, five minutes of total airtime before tonight — but it could bring about a change in Sue. By the way, we could use a snack. Anyone up for a Pizza Hut-Taco Bell run? No? Well, we don’t really blame you.

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