Credit: Adam Rose/FOX © 2010 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Coach Beiste and Sue in Episode 2.1, "Audition"

Perhaps Sue Sylvester wasn’t on Glee last night because she was too busy fighting Diane Sawyer. The ABC anchor, whom Sue mocked during the Super Bowl episode, took to her Twitter page to tease the Glee cheerleading coach.

"@S_SylvesterGLEE it's on,” tweeted Diane. “As a [former] rejected Seneca JV wanna-be cheerleader I'll meet you in the gym - bring the cannon." Ha!

Naturally, “Sue” responded: “Bring it on, Diane Sawyer @ABCWorldNews. Your next gig will be hosting ‘Good Morning Emergency Room.’”

Too much fun. Maybe Sawyer will get a Glee appearance in the near future?

Source: HuffPo