Credit: Mario Tama/Getty Images Photo: CBS Evening News Anchor Katie Couric
Okay, Gwyneth Paltrow totally killed it playing the sexy, too-cool-for-school substitute on episode — and finding a guest star who can outdo her is probably close to impossible.

But that doesn’t mean Glee won’t try.

Glee producers are currently trying to coax CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric to fill a guest spot in the halls of William McKinley High during the Super Bowl eppy (you know, the one where the Cheerios go to regionals — don’t play!)

Couric — a self-proclaimed Gleek — would play herself (big surprise!) in a scene opposite Sue Sylvester. Deets have yet to be released, but we can only imagine the hilarious quips Sue can use against the TV persona. Perhaps she can riff on the fact that Couric ripped the Glee stars for appearing in that controversial GQ shoot...

...And is it just us or do these two totally look like sisters in this picture? Creepy.

Source: Just Jared