Usually, holiday television is packed with a familiar set of TV specials and re-runs. But not this Thanksgiving! Prepare to start feeling extra-grateful this year, because this Thanksgiving is going to bring an all-new episode of Glee!

The Thanksgiving-themed episode (natch), Season 4, Episode 7: “Dynamic Duets,” will air on Thanksgiving night, Thursday, November 22 at 9pm. FOX has released its official episode description. Here’s a basic summary of what to expect:

A love triangle heats up among Marley (Melissa Benoist), Jake (Jacob Artist) and Ryder (Blake Jenner), and Blaine (Darren Criss) has a run-in with the Warblers in the all-new “Dynamic Duets” episode.

As much as we love the idea of Jake and Marley together, we’re really excited about the potential of seeing her with new guy Ryder, too. Basically, we still can’t decide. But just for the record, this Thanksgiving eve episode is not to be confused with Glee's Thanksgiving-themed, but not-actually-on-Thanksgiving episode, Season 4, Episode 8: “Thanksgiving.” Confused yet? It makes sense. We promise.

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