Credit: Adam Rose/FOX © 2010 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Brittany Breaks It Down in Episode 2.2, "Britney/Brittany"
Glee manages to pack an insane number of songs into each episode, which means that there will always be a few standouts along with the inevitable dud or two. We've narrowed Tuesday night's performances down to the very best and very worst of Episode 2.2. After all, not every Glee cover can wind up as a bestseller on  iTunes!

Best Performance of the Night: “Toxic” by New Directions

This week, “Toxic” was the standout performance by far. No other song this week even came close. Really, the song had everything: a unique arrangement, which began with just acoustic guitar; the Bob Fosse-inspired choreography; and our first Will vocals of the year! In fact, who can blame Jacob for getting so carried away that he was hooting, hollering, and grabbing people’s bathing suit areas. (Okay, you know that a song is affecting us when it makes Jacob’s behavior seem acceptable.)
Worst Performance of the Night: “Me Against the Music” by Brittany and Santana
Credit: Adam Rose/FOX © 2010 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Brittany and Santana in Episode 2
It was a joy to see Brittany get her long-overdue time to shine. Let’s face it: The girl is talented, and saying that she can dance is like saying that the movie Grown Ups was pretty awful — it’s something that no one can dispute. But by the time this second Brittany song rolled around, our excitement had sorta worn off. Brittany and Santana just couldn’t quite live up to the two original powerhouses that are Britney and Madonna. It didn’t help that Brittany rapped, either. That’s obvs not one of her strengths.

No one’s going to accuse Santana of not being sexy (because that’s a battle that you won’t win), but let’s just say that her dance moves in this performance were not exactly anything that would impress Twyla Tharp. She was pretty much just sticking her business in people’s faces on that couch. (Then again, the guys on the couch seemed pretty okay with it all, so who are we to judge?) Furthermore, how can you play the Madonna role of this song and not do her move from the original music video? You know, the one where she has her hands on the ground and her feet on the wall. If you’re going to go to such lengths to mimic the tacky, wooden-plank-laden square dance barn set of the video, you might as well replicate the good parts of the video, too!