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It’s no secret that Charlie Lubeck has a major crush on his fellow Glee Project 2 contender Aylin Bayramoglu. Even though Charlie has now been eliminated from the show, he and Aylin are still close.

They’re not exactly dating or anything. Charlie says he and Aylin’s relationship is a little hard to label; it’s still in that “undefined” place it was on the show. So, while these two might not be Facebook official, the feelings are certainly there!

On July 14, Charlie posted a video on YouTube of a song he wrote about Aylin. He writes that it’s his first-ever released original song (aww!) and it will be on his first EP, “Shake The Dreamer,” which will debut on iTunes in the fall.

The song, which is titled “Aylin,” never actually names her in the lyrics — but we’d say it’s pretty clear who he’s singing about.

So what does Aylin think about the tune? Just minutes after Charlie tweeted out the link to the music video, Aylin tweeted, “@Charlie_Lubeck, you make me happy.”

She quickly followed that tweet with another, this time saying, “So this guy that I really like wrote a song about me...@Charlie_Lubeck, you will always be amazing to me. Thank you. =)”

Credit: Charlie Lubeck on YouTube Photo: Charlie Lubeck Writes a Song About His Glee Project Crush: Listen to "Aylin" (VIDEO)

Full song lyrics:

Credit: Sthanlee B. Mirador/PRPP

I met a girl in Los Angeles,
She had fire in her eyes and smoke upon her lips.

And with a word, she could carry you away on the wind.

And she said baby, I was only born to rise.
And I can see the water flowing from your eyes.
So lay down here, and I'll pray you bring the rain over me.

And for a passing moment gone, I was free.

Verse 2:

More than enchantment, the way you cast your spell.
You are drawing out my fingers, the touch to know you well.
And I survive on dreaming that you and I can stop the world tonight.

It builds me higher than the body of a man.
It is telling all my hunger, weaving around my hands.
Moving me, and it's purging me more than words can say.
Oh, it is this love that boils my body and washes you away.


I met a girl in Los Angeles,
She had fire in her eyes and smoke upon her lips.

And with a word, she could carry you away upon the wind.

Source: Charlie Lubeck on YouTube, Aylin Bayramoglu on Twitter

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