Glee is full of moments so unexpected they require us to rewind our Tivos just to ensure it wasn't all a hazy fever dream! But even this show is not immune to the moment or two here and there that we've seen in just about every high school movie or TV show ever made. Here are the three most cliched high school moments so glaring we couldn't just let them slide. Someone's got to keep this show on its toes... !

3. Getting emotional about "our song"
Of course Schue gets emotional when hearing "Don't Stop Believin'" on the car radio! What person on a high school TV show or movie doesn't have a song that they hear after a breakup or pivotal moment that makes them remember the good ol' days? We're just lucky that Schue is apparently the only guy in America who doesn't listen to his iPod while he's driving!

2. Someone gives birth, right on schedule!
Anyone who's ever seen a TV season finale before knew that it was safe to assume that we'd be seeing Quinn's water break by about the second commercial break... and right in the middle of an important moment, too, with her mom and all her friends around! Talk about timing! The other two season finale standards are a death or a wedding, so at least we presumably still have those to look forward to on Glee for next year or the year after!

1. A woman is more beautiful after giving birth? Who knew?!
Puck tells Quinn that he loves her more now than before her birth, and we feel like we've heard that one before. Did we really expect him to feel less emotionally attached to her after seeing him deliver his baby?