Credit: Jason Webber/Splash News

This summer, Glee lovebirds Lea Michele (Rachel) and Cory Monteith (Finn) seem to have one goal: Spending as much time together as possible!

As soon as Glee filming wrapped in Los Angeles, Cory and Lea flew off to her hometown of New York City, where onlookers spotted them engaging in plenty of PDA, from holding hands on the street to trading sweet smooches at a hockey game.

Of course, the duties of fame call — and Cory eventually had to fly over to Vancouver for an arts charity he supports, while Lea headed off to London to be awarded Glamour Magazine’s US TV Actress of the Year.

With work obligations fulfilled for now, Cory and Lea are right back at each other’s sides, this time in his hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia.

Hollywood Life reports that the couple enjoyed a romantic lunch date at trendy Vancouver sushi spot, The Eatery on May 30. “They were touching each other and cuddling throughout their meal,” an eyewitness tells the site.

Cory and Lea graciously signed autographs and took photos with fans afterwards, but seemed most excited about just getting to spend some time together..

“They were very ‘high school romance’ with each other, laughing and carrying on. More Lea than Cory, he tried to play it cool and she was fawning all over him.” Aw, summer romance. Is there anything sweeter?

Source: Hollywood Life

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