When it came to funny lines and witty quips, the newest episode of Glee did not disappoint. Here are our picks for the top 10 quotes from Season 4, Episode 8: “Thanksgiving.”

10. Kurt is crying fowl.
Kurt (Chris Colfer) [to Rachel (Lea Michele) and Brody (Dean Geyer)]: When you two are done using that turkey as a courtship device, would you put it in the oven?

9. We’re never eating apple fritters again.
Jake (Jacob Artist): So did you do an apple pie 500 times before you had sex?
Ryder (Blake Jenner): That’s exactly what I did, but I wore condoms so I didn’t make any apple fritters.

8. Maybe ‘A’ is responsible for Marley’s collapse?
Santana (Naya Rivera) [about Marley’s (Melissa Benoist) laxatives]: Your Pretty Little Liar gave them to her. I can sense it thanks to my psychic Mexican third eye.

7. Details, details.
Puck (Mark Salling): Bros before hos was always my mantra in high school. Well, it was after I knocked up my best friend’s girlfriend.

6. Uh, who dreams about Skeet Ulrich?
Marley: Well, except the part where Skeet Ulrich gave me a bouquet of kittens at the end. My dreams are weird.

5. Artie isn’t quite ready to cast his vote.
Finn (Cory Monteith): Do you realize standing before you are legends? Any single one of these guys could be President of the United States one day.
Artie (Kevin McHale): I don’t know about that.

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4. Some people are born with a gift.
Santana: Quinn always was a genius slapper.

3. Brittany wants answers.
Brittany (Heather Morris) [watching Unique (Alex Newelland Mercedes [Amber Riley] hug]: I knew it. Mercedes was cloned.

2. Ryder isn’t quite feeling the rhythm.
Jake [to Ryder]: Are you dancing or impersonating a horny epileptic?

1. Santana was not impressed.
Santana: No one in this room can tackle a massive dance number except for Brit, and that includes your little hand jive that to me looked more like a hand jo…

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