Introducing Glee's Latest Phe-meow-menon!

Glee’s “Rumours” episode was lackluster in many respects. Yell at us if you want, but it’s true. We will say this, though: Even when Glee isn’t overwhelmingly amazing, it still has its moments. Case in point? Lord Tubbington.

Credit: FOX © 2011 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Brittany Interviews Lord Tubbington in Glee Season 2, Episode 19: "Rumours"

The moment we were introduced Lord Tubbington during Brittany’s “Fondue for Two” YouTube show, we were hooked. The cat has personality and swagger for days. Seriously. He’s a feline Justin Bieber... who might weigh as much as the Biebs.

With that in mind, we’d like to humbly suggest that Lord Tub-a-roo become a series regular on Glee. Sure, the cat can’t sing.... but it could be a-mew-zing, no?

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