Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images; Kevin Winter/Getty Images Photo: Which Hairstyle Do You Prefer on Chris Colfer?
The awards season is rapidly approaching and Chris Colfer (Kurt) already has his nominations secured. So what else does the rising star need to be red carpet ready?

He’s got attitude, he has sass, and he’s brimming with style — but which hairstyle do you think Chris should rock when he gets ready so scoop up a SAG award and a Golden Globe? Should he flaunt the boyish fringe we’ve seen as of late or go with a slicked back coif a la Kurt?

No matter how you slice if, Chris is totally adorbs. But if we’re being totally honest, he exudes a certain je ne sais quoi when he’s sleek and chic. With the fringed bangs, Chris looks like a tiny little button we want to scoop up and squeeze.

So what do you think, Gleeks? Take our poll and sound off below!