At the end of Glee Season 3, Episode 15: "Big Brother," a previously very angsty Blaine (Darren Criss) decided to make amends with his big bro Cooper (Matt Bomer) — and he even volunteered to help make an epic Transformers 4 audition tape to show Michael Bay exactly what he will be missing.

But then Glee cut away to some-or-other Finchel drama, but the episode ended abruptly, and we never got to see Cooper and Blaine make their video.

Luckily, Fox released an unaired bonus scene that brings to life that very tape! E! Online has the hilarious video. (Did we say hilarious? We meant serious. This is absolutely an example of serious character acting.)

Credit: E! Online Photo: New Glee Clip: Cooper Anderson’s Cheesy Transformers 4 Audition — With Help From Blaine! (VIDEO)

Coop is the star of the audition video, but Blaine makes plenty of appearances, too. Watch as Cooper dodges Decepticons, yells — like a real actor — and of course, does plenty of dramatic pointing.

This is a serious dramatic audition, after all.

Source: E! Online

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