Credit: Mr Photoman/Splash News Photo: Dianna Agron Holds Her Adele Concert Tickets in Los Angeles on August 15, 2011

Stop what you’re doing. Cancel any late-night plans. Dianna Agron (Quinn) is going to be on MTV’s Punk’d at 10pm tonight! Trust us, the entire thing is something you really just have to see to believe.

In this first-look MTV clip, Dianna is visiting a friend’s house when her pal’s grandfather suddenly “falls ill.” Let’s just say that the only way to treat him puts Di in a very uncomfortable situation.

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Credit: MTV Photo: Watch! Dianna Agron on MTV's Punk'd: April 12, 2012 — Were Male Genitals Involved? (VIDEO)

Look, we’re not sure when wrapping plastic around a man’s genitalia was deemed an appropriate way to treat for heart issues — but then again, who are we to question the health professionals?

Plus, as MTV’s promo for the Hayden Panettiere-hosted episode clearly shows, gramps is quite the ladies man!

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Credit: MTV Photo: Old Guy to Glee's Dianna Agron: You Have a Nice Rack! — Promo for MTV's Punk'd on April 12, 2012 (VIDEO)

Oh, MTV. You never cease to surprise us...

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