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Remember how we mentioned that Glee’s Naya Rivera was a “baby model”? Well, she was also a child star of sorts (minus the dysfunction), and appeared in lots of excellent early ‘90s TV shows, including Family Matters.

On the classic show, Naya played Gwendolyn in a few episodes in 1993 — a little girl with a big crush on Richie (the Winslows’ little cousin). This clip is from one of those episodes, “Heart Strings,” in which Steve Urkel acts as Gwendolyn’s wingman for a Valentine’s Day date with her crush.

Even though she’s just a little girl, that trademark devilish smile and the way she touches her hair smarts of Santana. The fur coat is pure Naya, though, who is always fashionable — whether out on a date or just hanging out.

Our favorite part is the valentine Gwendolyn gives Richie, which reads, “Roses are red, some socks are black, won’t you be my Daddy Mac?” Hmm, we wonder what Santana would write in a Valentine to Brittany — surely she has upped her game? But knowing Britt, she’d be happy as long as it was written in crayon.


Source: YouTube

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