Credit: Tyler Golden/Oxygen Media

In our imaginations, Nellie Veitenheimer and Blake Jenner both won The Glee Project and celebrated by singing ballads and writing poems and working on their confidence together.

In real life, Blake won and Nellie got totally robbed cut. But that wasn’t the end of things between the two hot young performers. The two pals remained close even after the show, and recently flirted in a super cute, akward way.

But before you get too excited, it doesn’t go anywhere... and it was in a trailer for a new spoof video they made. Besides a super hilarious scene between B & N, Nellie’s music is also featured! And that’s not all, former Glee Projecters Michael Weisman and Abraham Lim co-star in the short!

The full video for the short, titled “Skidaddle,” isn’t available yet — but this silly teaser trailer definitely grabs our interest. Could there be a romantic future for Blake and Nellie’s characters? We’ll just keep our fingers crossed.

Credit: dpinc1 on YouTube Photo: Watch: Blake Jenner Flirts With Nellie Veitenheimer in Trailer for New YouTube Short (VIDEO)

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