Wetpaint has the exclusive goods on the newest star in the Glee universe that has every Gleek going wild: Lord Tubbington.

Credit: Wetpaint Photo: New Glee Star Lord Tubbington

Who is this mysterious feline who rocketed to fame so quickly? The chubby charmer of a cat, who made his debut back in Season 2’s “Rumours” episode, is actually named Aragon. He’s a 4-year-old Bengal mix who was rescued from the mean streets of Washington, D.C., by animal talent agency Paws for Effect when he was just a 1-year-old kitten.

“He’s 25 pounds and counting,” Paws’ Debbie Pearl tells Wetpaint. “He’s been full-figured his whole life, and he’s very secure with it. We’re looking for a big, bright future for him on Glee.”

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