Lea Michele (Rachel Berry) and Glee costar Kate Hudson both deny there’s any bad blood between them. Nevertheless, after the Golden Globes on January 13, rumors of friction on-set between the two stars are resurfacing.

When Kate appeared on stage to present with Bradley Cooper Sunday night, the camera caught part of Lea’s reaction to her co-star:

Credit: UsWeekly Photo: Lea Michele Reacts to Kate Hudson's Dress at Golden Globes (VIDEO)

Lea clutched onto her BFF Stephanie Herman’s arm and exclaimed, “Oh my god, she...” Unfortunately, the cameras cut away, so we have no idea how that sentence ended. Was it a compliment or a barb?

UsWeekly reported last summer that Kate thinks Lea’s a “total diva,” so it’s no shock if they suspect Lea’s comments weren’t flattering. We feel pretty comfortable giving Lea the benefit of the doubt, though. The next words out of her mouth could very easily have been, “...she looks amazing.” We certainly wouldn’t disagree! Kate looked incredible and topped many best dressed lists (and so did Lea!)

Or maybe Lea said, “Oh my god, she’s so lucky!” After all, that’s what we’d say if one of our friends got to stand that close to Bradley Cooper!

Source: US Weekly