Ever since Britney Spears’s peeps totally lost their ish over “Britney 2.0,” we’ve wondered how the artists who originated Glee’s songs feel about the show’s renditions. From mashups and medleys to sardonic spoofs, the FOX show takes its liberties in recreating the hits.

So, when the cast took on PSY’s international phenomenon “Gangnam Style” in “Thanksgiving” we were curious to see how the Korean sensation would react. With all the raunchy jokes Ryder (Blake Jenner) and Jake (Jacob Artist) make while learning the dance, it was possible Psy might think they were insulting his moves.

So, what did he think? Turns out he was into it. PSY tweetedI Like This @GLEEonFOX!-Full Performance of "Gangnam Style" from "Thanksgiving" | GLEE:http://youtu.be/67jKi7FvkL8  @youtube [via] 에서.”

Turns out, you guys liked the Glee version even more than the original. (But don’t tell PSY.)

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